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There is no other game than chess that can emulate a typical business situation better. Players have to formulate strategy before the opening move. The scenario on the chess board changes with every move. At times you see your well laid plans crashing, the win may be very expensive….if you win.

Your first move can cost you the game…

As in chess, strategizing is of the utmost importance in business. Dotcom Team offers a collaboration modeled on your own business requirements and strategies. This can yield powerful short and long term benefits. Dotcom Team does not believe in fixed price and fixed schedule methodologies for SW development because they lack precision.

Dotcom Team methodology detaches the schedule corner of the TIME-COST-QUALITY triangle and establishes a form of Time and Material contract. This allows to iteratively increase the efficiency of the Project Team to the highest level required by the Project. You pay for the software development iteration by iteration Or, month by month. And, you retain the right to terminate the Project after any iteration.

Dotcom Team’s Application and Project Services Center in Massachusetts will deliver your software applications using skilled and trained project specialists; experienced and qualified project managers; & customized methodologies.

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