Custom Solutions

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Today, Economies of Scale are being replaced by Economies of Speed. The one who gets there first - wins. Markets are increasingly global. Organizations see internationalization in customers, products, vendors, competitors, and partners. Pressure rises to improve productivity with decreased time to market. All the while you’re continually driven to become more cost effective and efficient, of course without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

In today’s world, customers demand total solutions. System Integration requires very diverse skills and capabilities. No Company can excel or “do it all”. Mutual dependencies, shared risks and rewards are the new operating models.

Your first move can cost you the game…

Custom Solutions

IT Business Solutions


We build high quality, high value IT Business solutions that store, manage and process information; and improve a process, reduce costs, and/or interface with other and legacy systems. Built around


• Java/J2EE, Solaris, mySQL, PostgreSQL
• .NET, Sharepoint, SQL Server, BizTalk
• Oracle, Siebel, Peoplesoft, Weblogic
• IBM like Cognos, Datastage, Websphere,
• Rational, and Webmethods
• Informatica, BI and Data Mining
• Open Source (LAMP, LAPP)
• ERP (SAP and Peoplesoft)
• Wireless
• and other technologies

Web / e-Business Solutions
We develop database driven web applications utilizing technologies like .NET framework & SQL Server, Java, or Open Source like PHP/mySQL and many other available technologies. All web development work conforms to W3C standards and guarantees interoperability with current and future web technologies.

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