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Dotcom adopts the framework of the People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) - a global system that guides our people management practices into a coherent whole. Some of the key people processes that we are working on are:

Focusing on establishing effective communication throughout the organization and to ensure that each member of the Dotcom Team have the skills and avenues to share information and coordinate activities effectively.

Performance Management:
Driving the organization’s and its members’ progress by establishing objectives related to committed work against which performance can be measured, ascertain capability development assistance required to continuously enhance performance.

Competency Development:
This starts with identification of requisite competencies at the organization level which are ultimately dependent on competencies that are needed to be identified, built or enhanced in the individual. Enhancing constantly the capability of the employees to perform assigned tasks and responsibility in turn uplinks to the organization capability building.

Training and Development:
To ensure that the identified competency requirements are built through a systematic and focused approach.

To provide all individuals with remuneration and benefits based on their contribution and value to the organization in a fair and transparent manner. Competitiveness of the compensation offered in comparison with the prevailing markets' reality is the driving force.

Career Development:
To ensure that individuals are provided opportunities to develop their competencies that enable them to achieve professional and personal career objectives within the organization’s goals.

Participatory Culture:
A myopic outlook of utilizing talents of people only in the delivery of assigned duties has two broad undesirable effects: It prevents people from developing as well rounded professionals; and it denies the organization the readily available multi-talented internal resource pool that could potentially contribute to most of the challenges and opportunities facing the organization. Building a participatory culture enables availability of avenues to harness/give exposure to employees’ full capability by involvement in making decisions and solving problems that affect the performance of business activities.

Dotcom Team is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in USCIS mandated E-Verify and Right-To-Work program.

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