Our History

For over 17 years, we are helping top science & technology talent around the globe realize their dreams.

We are a Technology Consulting & Staffing company with equal focus on client relationship and employee well being. You will find in us a group of uniquely experienced, talented and pro-active software professionals always ready for any challenge.

DOTCOM TEAM, founded in 1999, is an experienced and successful provider of Technology consulting and staffing.

Back in 1999, our founder Bharat Agrawal who was working for an technology consulting company got frustrated with the way the company was exploiting the talent. During that time he took this upon himself to create a company where employee well-being comes first. He launched ‘The Dotcom Team’ with just 2 employees in 1999.

I started this company with one goal in mind that employee well-being matters in all aspects of their daily life. I intend to keep that promise to myself and my employees.-Bharat Agrawal, Founder & CEO

In last 17 years the company grew from a humble beginning of 2 employees to over 300 employees, making the entire period evolutionary implementing all the best practices to put employee first. Now, going forward the company has made plans to double its size in the next three years. The company believes that recent economic downturn has created a unique opportunity for it to help even larger number of people find jobs and positively impact the community.

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