We are a Technology Consulting & Staffing Solutions company providing innovative software solutions to businesses along with building top class technology teams.

DOTCOM TEAM, founded in 1999, was envisioned by Bharat Agrawal to fill a very conspicous gap in the staffing landscape of prioritizing equally the needs and well-being of the employees as well as the customers.

He started the company with the intention to make staffing ethical and propagate the culture that your employee is your most important client. The company was born from the idea that staffing could be less about financial gain and making corporate in-roads, and more about genuine relationships and meaningful impacts.

The company today has over 300 incredibly happy, commited consultants proficient in established and newly emerging technolgies across industries.

To our employees, we provide an environment where they can thrive and grow their passion into careers of choice. We promise them a highly ethical, transparent, mature, stable, compliant and highly efficient back-office support.

To our customers, we pledge to go deeper than the competition to assign the right talent on all engagements, whether on enterprise application development, digital transformation or for a temp role, a direct hire or something in between; that our consultants will always strive to understand your culture and the job and perform it meticulously and conscientiously; and we will uphold the highest ethical standards, never compromise on our values and always endeavor to provide a delightful end-to-end experience.




I started this company with one vision in mind that employee well-being matters in all aspects of their daily life. I intend to keep that promise to myself and my employees.-Bharat Agrawal, Founder & CEO





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