Being the part of Dotcom Team truly feels like part of a big family.

When you join us, you not only get to work with the state-of-the-art technologies & projects across entire country but also enjoy great perks and benefits.

We provide – an environment to thrive and grow your passion into career of your choice

We promise – a highly ethical, transparent, mature, stable, compliant,
and efficient organization

Dotcom jobs come in all stripes for technology professionals. Whether you are a Software Engineer/Architect, Full-Stack Engineer, DBA, QA, BA/BI/ETL or Data Scientist, we always have an exciting opportunity waiting for you.

Why work at Dotcom?

  • Opportunities for both experienced and fresh college graduates.
  • Choose when, where and how you want to work.
  • Opportunities to work with top Fortune 500 companies on cutting edge technologies.
  • Relationship modeled on excellent compensation plans.
  • Well established personnel and administrative processes.
  • Enjoy comprehensive benefits—health insurance, 401(k) plan, paid vacation, personal and sick time, and many more.
  • Get paid semi-monthly.
  • Company poised for higher growth.

Everyone at Dotcom Team is very helpful and supporting. Never faced any immigration, payroll or billing issue during my entire tenure. -Atul Dongare, Software Consultant at Medline

Start a dialogue now with our management for your next career move.


When you join Dotcom Team, your LIFE takes turn for the better. We not only value your talent, but value you as a whole during your time with us and thereafter.

All companies provide benefits. But Dotcom Team goes a step further to make sure these benefits make a real difference in your life. We know how important it is to get a good healthcare or if you are an immigrant then not to have any worries when it comes to sponsorship or getting residency. We listen to you and work with you to make your life more secure and fun.

Benefits you enjoy while at Dotcom Team:

Nationwide UHC PPO Medical Plan

Dotcom offers one of the finest PPO (nationwide) medical insurance to each full-time Employee and eligible family (spouse and children below 18 years of age living with Employee) on contributory basis, as per the prevailing personnel policy. The Employee and eligible family members’ health benefit coverage typically starts the day employment begins.

Visa Sponsorship and Green Card Processing

In case where prospective employee is a foreign national and is eligible to get H-Visa, Dotcom Team arranges and pays for all attorney and USCIS fee associated with Visa application (new or extensions as allowed by the law) for employee and eligible dependents. Dotcom Team on a case by case and merit basis may pay part of attorney and USCIS fee for petitioning Permanent Residency for employee and eligible dependents.

Relocation Assistance

Dotcom’s commitment to its clients may sometimes require employee relocation to another city or state. In such a case Dotcom Team subsidizes the cost, as per prevailing personnel policy and other terms, to support easy relocation.

Employee Referral Award

Dotcom encourages its employees to refer qualified candidates known to them for employment. When such a candidate is recruited as a direct result of referral and recommendation, the company offers its employees a referral award of$1,500cash. If you are a current employee and have a referral or want to know more about the program, then talk to us.

Business Referral Bonus

Dotcom encourages its current and ex-employees to contribute to the growth of the company and pays handsome award for all the leads that generate new business. If you are a current or an ex-employee and have a business referral then talk to us.

Training Assistance

On a case by case and merit basis, Dotcom provides assistance and training for employee skills upgrade through Coursera

Direct Deposit of Paycheck

Dotcom processes payroll semi-monthly and the net pay is directly deposited to employees’ bank accounts.

Start a dialogue now with our management for your next career move.

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