New Face of The Dotcom Team

12/9/16 3:08 PM

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New Face of The Dotcom Team

The brand image of ‘The Dotcom Team’ (dct-logo-trans) that has been visible to the public for last 17 years is finally retiring and giving way to the new face of its offspring (newslogo). Behind the scenes at the company it’s same people, same philosophy.

At Dotcom Team we all have a voice, even our brand image. So, here are few wise words from our Brand Sr. to the new face as a welcoming gift.

My dear Dotcom Team Jr. (newslogo)

I feel it is my duty to give you a fair idea of the exciting journey you are about to take. Over the years you have been on my side watching me succeed as well as learn from failures. Roads that I had assumed smooth were never so but torturous at times. The legacy I worked hard to create and maintain for the last 17 years is now in your capable hands. When I see you and your enthusiasm to bring change I feel hopeful for our future, the one you will help build.

I have always kept my eyes and ears open to changing times, here are three important things for you to ponder.

Rules of Engagement:

Rules of engagement as well as playground have substantially changed. It is social media turf now, and rules are all in-accordance to your online presence. If you decide to venture on these grounds you will encounter new cool kids. There will be many but I would recommend to hang around with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & of course the demi-god Google. In times like today they could be the best supporter of your voice and can communicate your grand ideas of change to the world. These uniquely talented bunch surely will make your promotional journey a breeze and must be in your team.

Be true to yourself:

I see that you have a catchy door sign now, ‘Your Dreams, Our Sky’. As someone once said, “The possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility”. So, before you decide to hang it for the world to see, ask yourself this question, “Am I trying to do good or just be called good?”. Be true to your message in action not just words.

Our integrity & values:

I have built this company with utmost care for well-being of our employees. They have equally given me the respect and love I deserved over the years. Encourage, entertain & respect the voice of your employees. Transparency is the key to better outcomes and fairness. You can no longer hide in the corner doing your monkey business and not expect the world to notice. Information transfer in a super connected world are in the hands of all beings. Be fair, be smart.

At last, there is no stopping of the future, it will come whether you want it or not, and your success will depend on how ready you are to face it head-on. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what you do today”. So, march on, one moment at a time. My blessings are always with you.

Good luck.

Yours truly,
Dotcom Team Sr. (dct-logo-trans)

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